Falcone de Palú, A Harrier for Venice!

Detlef Dücker bought plans for Harrier a while back. This winter I got this e-mail from him:

Dear Tony,


After 3 years of part-time construction, the Harrier is in the water-finally ! I am very pleased about your beautiful design and performance. My boatshop has not got any heating, therefore I could not work there during the cold seasons. It took some time for building, but that was a good thing, to take your time and figure out the lay-out and the next steps to be made.


I wrote a 6-page long article about my Harrier, it will be published in the March/April 2018 issue of the British WATERCRAFT magazine.


The new boat will be christened “Falcone de Palú”(Marsh Harrier = Rohrweihe) and will be sailed and rowed at  Klopeinersee in Austria, but also at the Laguna di Venezia and Laguna di Grado.


I could send you more photographs to publish on your website or forum ?


Thanks !



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Harrier II

I’ve long wanted to update Harrier and dig into the hull form directly, drawing by hand instead of manipulating a CAD model.

This project has launched.

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Adopt a Harrier?

One way to get a jump start on building a boat might be to adopt someone else’s ongoing project.

I recently received this plea:

My father was a ​sailor, a pretty good boat-builder, and generally loved messing about in boats. At some point he read in Wooden Boat about the Harrier, acquired the plans for it and started to build the boat in his basement. Unfortunately, he passed away in March at the age of 95, with a far-from complete Harrier partially planked in the lower level of his house in Western New York.

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