Falcone de Palú, A Harrier for Venice!

Detlef Dücker bought plans for Harrier a while back. This winter I got this e-mail from him:

Dear Tony,


After 3 years of part-time construction, the Harrier is in the water-finally ! I am very pleased about your beautiful design and performance. My boatshop has not got any heating, therefore I could not work there during the cold seasons. It took some time for building, but that was a good thing, to take your time and figure out the lay-out and the next steps to be made.


I wrote a 6-page long article about my Harrier, it will be published in the March/April 2018 issue of the British WATERCRAFT magazine.


The new boat will be christened “Falcone de Palú”(Marsh Harrier = Rohrweihe) and will be sailed and rowed at  Klopeinersee in Austria, but also at the Laguna di Venezia and Laguna di Grado.


I could send you more photographs to publish on your website or forum ?


Thanks !




Welcome news!

He has sent me a series of photos. Let me share them with you here:


Falcone de Palú on the Klopeinersee
On the Klopeinersee



Launch day on the Klopeinersee:




Detlef has made a tent for camp-cruising:

A few closing shots:

Mast gate detail
Mast gate detail
On the Lake
On the Lake
First outing




Rowing Tandem

I want to thank Detlef again for sharing these with us.

Take a look at the Water Craft article:





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