Martha’s Vineyard Catboat, Dell

The first Martha’s Vineyard Catboat, Dell, is for sale.

Martha’s Vineyard Catboat, Dell:

LBP: 12′-9″

LWL: 12″-0″

Beam: 6′-0″

Draft: 0′-8″/2′-0″

Sail Area: 121.5 sq. Ft.

Dell was professionally built by Marty Harris on Martha’s Vineyard in 2011.

Her owner, Charles Klinck is offering Dell for sale. The boat is in Union Springs, Alabama.

Sails were made by The Loft in Vineyard Haven.

Includes a sail cover, a cockpit cover, an anchor, and life jackets.

A shoreline trailer, an electric outboard motor, and battery.

Dell's electric outboard motor

Dell is priced at $5,500.

Contact me if you’re interested.






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