Designer & Client

This is where we can host discussion relating to Designer & Client.

Designer & Client was published in 1998. The seed of my thinking on design this book has fed my thinking and writing ever since. It made my subsequent writing possible.

Peter Spectre helped shape the work as my editor. Kathleen Brandes shepherded me through every single word. The cast of characters who made up my clients were: Jenny Bennett, Peter Chesworth, John and Dee Deegan, Jeff Halpern, Peter and Eileen Spectre, Mike O’Brien, Bill Page, and Gordon and Doris Swift.

You probably recognize many of those names. This was an All-Star Team  kind enough to volunteer. I gave them a chance to develop their Dream Project. In return, I had the chance to work with them and absorb the fruits of their deep and varied experience with boats.


Jenny Bennett sailing Small


This forum can be a place where we might open a discussion into whatever questions you might have: concerning the book, the designs in it, the design process.

The toughest thing about writing, whether it’s a first book or a comment on a forum like this can be just starting.

Give it a try!






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